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刷屏刷到吐? 你患晕屏症了【爱游戏官网】

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本文摘要:The rise of mobile phones has been blamed for a number of social ills, but your smart phone may also be making you physically sick as well.移动电话的普遍用于被指引起了诸多社会弊端,不仅如此,手中的智能机也不会让你实在身体呼吸困难。


The rise of mobile phones has been blamed for a number of social ills, but your smart phone may also be making you physically sick as well.移动电话的普遍用于被指引起了诸多社会弊端,不仅如此,手中的智能机也不会让你实在身体呼吸困难。Scientists have identified a condition called cybersickness, which they say is the digital version of motion sickness.科学家们把这种状态称作“暗屏”,是晕车的电子版。The phenomenon, which affects up to 80 per cent of the population who own smartphones or tablets, leads to feelings of nausea and unsteadiness.80%的手机和平板用户不会暗屏,他们不会有恶心、失眠的感觉。

It is caused by seeing fast motion on a screen and covers anything from a car chase in a film to scrolling through web pages on your phone.导致暗屏的原因是网页了含移动内容的屏幕,有可能是看了有追车镜头的电影,也有可能是网页了手机上滑动的内容页。The more realistic the visual content is, the higher your chances of getting cybersickness.视觉内容就越现实,暗屏的发生率就越高。The condition was identified in a piece in the New York Times in which British and US experts said that it needed addressing.《纽约时报》的一篇文章报导了这种症状。英美专家在文章中称之为,这个问题必须著手解决问题。

Cyriel Diels, a cognitive psychologist and human factors researcher at Coventry Universitys centre for Mobility and Transport, said: Its a fundamental problem thats kind of been swept under the carpet in the tech industry.理解心理学家、考文耳大学移动运输中心的人为因素研究员西里尔·蒂尔斯回应:“对弊端置之不理称得上上是科技产业一个最显然的问题了。”Its a natural response to an unnatural environment.“这是对非自然环境做出的大自然反应。

”Motion sickness leaves sufferers feeling ill because they feel movement in your muscles and your inner ear but do not see it.晕动症会令其患者深感肌肉和内耳在移动,但实质上并没看见它们在移动。The mismatch in digital sickness is the opposite - you see movement on the screen but do not feel it.而暗屏症恰恰相反——你看见屏幕在移动,实质上却感觉将近。


The effect is the same and the symptoms include a headache, wanting to throw up, confusion and the need to sit down.二者的影响毕竟完全相同的,其症状为困惑、想吐、思绪恐慌,必须绝食下来。Often cybersickness manifests itself in a subtle way and sufferers put it down to stress or eyestrain.暗屏症状一般来说容易察觉到,患者不会以为是因为压力大或者视觉疲惫引发的。Steven Rauch, a professor of otolaryngology at Harvard Medical School, said: Your sense of balance is different than other senses in that it has lots of inputs.哈佛医学院耳鼻喉科教授史蒂芬·劳奇回应:“与其他感官有所不同,当有大量信息输出时,人的平衡感不会再次发生转变。

”When those inputs dont agree, thats when you feel dizziness and nausea.“当这些信息输出没被感官拒绝接受,你就不会实在头晕、恶心。”Some studies that have been carried out into cybersickness found that women are more susceptible than men, the New York Times reported.《纽约时报》称之为,一些有关暗屏的研究找到,女性比男性更容易暗屏。

Those who haveType A personalities - meaning they are confident and assertive - are more likely to suffer from cybersickness as well.“A型”人格,即冷静热情的人,也更容易暗屏。Among those who have reported experiencing the condition have been video gamers who spend hours playing fast paced games.有暗屏症状的一般来说是倒数几小时玩游戏快节奏视频游戏的玩家。

Cinema-goers have struggled with some scenes in action movies which have quick cuts and fast editing - and virtual reality has made the problem even worse.看动作片的观众在看见较慢剪辑和转换的镜头时会不难受,这是因为虚拟实境不会减轻暗屏。Jonathan Weinstein, a professor at the Kanbar Institute for Film and Television at New York Universitys Tisch School of the Arts, said: The idea is to get audiences to feel like participants in the action rather than outside observers of the action.纽约大学提斯克艺术学院康贝尔影视研究所的教授乔纳森·温斯坦说道:“动作片就是想要让观众身临其境,而不是当一个局外人。

”Engineers at Oculus VR, the virtual headset manufacturer, have admitted that digital motion sickness is one of their biggest problems.虚拟实境游戏头盔制造商“欧酷纳”公司的工程师们坦言,暗屏也是他们面对的仅次于问题之一。



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